Consolidating 401k loans

10-Oct-2017 04:34

So if your employer employs this policy and you quit or lose your job, you will have 60 days to pay back the entire balance.If you fail to, which you more than likely will, the remaining balance of the loan will convert to a withdrawal and you will be exposed to the taxes and penalties.And since you withdrew it, you’re not committing yourself to replenish it, which could come back to haunt you down the road in your retirement years.There are two things that can cause a 401k loan to convert into a withdrawal, and, in turn, expose you to the taxes and penalties. Most 401k loans will convert to a withdrawal if you miss 3 consecutive monthly payments. Some employers require a 401k loan to be paid back 60 days after job separation.

Once you have determined the job separation issue, I invite you to follow these 4 easy steps that will help you make the necessary calculations to determine if a 401k loan makes sense for your situation. I limit my service because debt settlement isn’t successfully reliable if you can’t settle your delinquent debts quickly.Be sure to inquire on how many payments that is for you specifically when you call the 401k administrator to make your inquiry about their job separation policy.If you decide to hire me to settle your debts with the funds from your 401k loan, please know that my procedure is to negotiate all of your accounts before you take out your 401k loan.Please refer to the description of my service to gain a better understanding about my debt settlement services.

It is unwise to blindly borrow from your 401k without making these calculations.

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