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steel ankle restraints in full public view for the first time -- and at the town hall.

A full-length front-page photo of Isabel and Peter appeared the next day in the town's daily, under the headline , and the picture and accompanying page 1 article indicated to Moira -- and the entire town -- that Isabel was not a woman to be trifled with.

(It was later reported that Amina, the genetics engineer, received 25 years; Sheikh, the doctor,10 years, and Omar, the economist, five years in an East African maximum security institution. At home, Moira was devastated by the news of her friend's kidnap; even more so when details of her African desert ordeal came to light later -- in Isabel's own words -- that were uttered in strict confidence to Moira only.

Isabel had arrived home in rural western Scotland during the third week of June, 1975, from East Africa via the airports at Tangier, Morocco; Heathrow, London; and Prestwick, Scotland, barefoot, chained and dressed only in dusty blouse and skirt. strides, enforced by her chains, and her chafed neck, elbows, wrists and knees were the visible evidences of her recent, harsh bondage.

Synopsis: Isabel Metcalfe introduces her best friend, Moira Mac Peak, to the world of steel bondage.

The two women and their husbands plan a sexy weekend away at a hotel in remote, Northern Scotland where the proprietors have something more in mind for the two women other than lodging and meals.

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Two days later, when Isabel was just as mysteriously kidnapped and taken, bound, chained and gagged, to East Africa then returned miraculously to Scotland relatively unscathed a few days later, Moira put any further discussion about bondage and chains on the "back burner" until Isabel had recovered sufficiently from her ordeal and things in the Metcalfe household were relatively back to normal.

This story sets the stage for the next in the trilogy, "The Perilous Adventure of Isabel and Moira." Stay tuned.

Moira Mac Peak's sex life with her husband, Graham, needed some spark.

Moira could not help but notice Isabel's chains instantly and made a mental note about the ease in which her friend moved about with 18-inch steps and the silvery clink of metal on the polished hardwood floors.

Isabel gave her pal a warm hug and invited her into the kitchen.When I first saw you in your chains that afternoon in June, the day before I took your letter of resignation to the mill, it made me feel a little 'goosey' all over and I think I would like to try the experience. So can you tell me a little bit about what it's like to wear them?

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