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31-Oct-2017 11:33

Swallowing someone else's is unsafe sex, because semen can carry sexually transmitted diseases.

And what you see "squirting everywhere" in porn movies is liquid soap.

star not only chatting about the self-pleasuring subject but also pretending to do the deed without using his hands.

Let us explain…Efron sat down for an "interview" with James Franco in character as Dave Skylark, the talk show host who Franco plays in star goes on to say that he not only does you-know-what at least 17 times a day, but he also does it while behind the wheel of his car."I can drive with my hands and masturbate with my knees," he boasts.

The survey I recently conducted for this site found that guys did more masturbating in the bathroom, but I suspect that this is due to time or privacy constraints and not necessarily because it was more enjoyable. I'm 15 and I have been masturbating for 3 years and I have never had any semen come out. It would help if I had some more information, especially if you have wet dreams. Or maybe you're noticing the "pre-cum" (bulbourethral fluid) that comes out first. That property of built-up prostate fluid is one of the reasons it's necessary for guys to ejaculate frequently.

If you're having wet dreams, then the only thing I can suggest is try to relax and concentrate on something that increases your arousal as you masturbate. And semen that comes out turns clear in less than a minute of being exposed to the air. Sometimes when i ejaculate there is a trace of a yellowish thick liquid mixed with my sperm. When prostate fluid gets old, it's not a medium that sperm can live in easily.

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I'm 13 and I have been masturbating for a few months now, but I have never produced any semen. I sometimes use soap and water in the shower, but I don't feel the same orgasm I normally do. (Age 17) I think most guys would say they enjoy masturbating the most when they can lie down and relax afterward. Your semen might be clear because at your age you might not be producing all the components of semen yet. It's more likely to be thick and yellowish if you haven't ejaculated in a few days.Then today I did the same thing but nothing happened. (age 12 It's not unusual that you can't ejaculate every time when you're just starting. I think that for my age (14) I'm normal at everything but I want to take more time masturbating.You just need to develop more and get more practice. The sperm, no, but you need the seminal fluid the sperm are carried in. If I ejaculate in five minutes, how can I make it take six or seven minutes? The trick to lasting longer is to change your focus when you feel that orgasm is imminent so that you can keep your erection but don't have the orgasm.Most males get their first serious erections at about the age of 12.

From puberty to about age 20, most males have an erection about every 90 minutes to 2 hours, which last about 20 minutes each. I've tried a couple things but they don't seem to work. I wouldn't try so hard to have an erection at your age.Semen is white when it comes out but then turns clear. I'm 44 and I have been masturbating since I was 12 or so. It's very normal to like to masturbate and even to think about sex all the time, but masturbating two to three times a day is extremely high for your age.