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Remember the Greek youth Narcissus, who was so riveted by his own reflection in a pond that he rejected Echo's love and eventually withered away from lack of sustenance.Narcissists constantly fantasize about obtaining more success, power, superiority and idealized love. Or were they unconsciously attracted to certain types of men?On medicine, Depressives/bipolar's should be given a second chance.For the record, I believe the spouse of the Depressive/bipolar often has mental illness as well.Now, what happens when the offending spouse, of either sex, suffers from pathological narcissism? Such narcissistic (or sometimes even antisocial) traits or tendencies are notoriously resistant (though not impervious) to treatment.Narcissism (self-love) makes true intimacy and empathy impossible.They feel entitled to greedily take whatever they want, and grandiosely believe they are smart enough to get away with cheating without having to pay the consequences. Immature, self-centered, selfish men, incapable of real commitment?There can be a profound lack of caring and consideration for the partner's feelings, needs and personal perspective. Often such red flags are blatantly obvious to everyone but ourselves. Men whom they thought could be changed by merely loving them?

More often than not, this salvation requires the expertise of a psychotherapist or marital counselor.Of course, much of this depends on how committed to rescuing the relationship both parties really still are, how much history they have together, whether children are involved, and other variables. Is it true that having an affair can be symptomatic of pre-existing relationship problems? Lack of or poor communication, loss of intimacy, hurt feelings, festering resentment or embitterment frequently lead to acting out in the form of cheating behavior.