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update T1 set (the Updated Value, the Other Value) = (select the Top, the Value from T2 where T2Key = T1ID) Is there a workaround?Other than doing it in a loop from eg asp, over either fields (one statement per field), or over records (a query with a loop which for each row does a select from one table, update other table with the selected values.) On SQL Server 2005 you can use CTE to perform the update: WITH Update Set AS (SELECT the Updated Value, the Other Value, the Top, the Value FROM T1 JOIN T2 ON T1ID = T2Key) UPDATE Update Set SET the Updated Value = the Top, the Other Value = the Value; HTH, Plamen Ratchev Update query Add the table u want to update Add the records that should be updated...In the row Update to write "kdlsk" if kdlsk is the string that u want to update to your field If u want to update a field with the information from other field type: [The Source Field] Where The Source Field is the name of the field with the information!In one of our larger Rails apps the sheer volume of data we process means we’ve had to rely more and more on direct SQL queries, denormalised tables and summary tables to speed things up.When updating summary tables we typically use query.That is, if Trip2 Coord is True, set Trip 2 Confirm to "C", and the same for Trip3. Try opening a new query and pasting this into your sql view.

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criteria An expression that determines which records will be updated.

I like to err on the safe side, I do not bet only an endless stream of 100% perfect programmers.

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